After Care Instructions

We care for you!!

Leave the Recovery Derm Shield on for 3-4 days as recommended by your artist. It will protect your tattoo during it’s healing process. After the 3-4 days, gently peel away the Derm Shield back over itself. This will work best while under warm, running water. Once it has all been removed, wash your tattoo with unscented soap and warm water. Use unscented lotion for the remainder of the healing process.

If you need to reapply the derm shield.
Cut the Recovery Derm Shield to be approximately 2″ larger than your tattooPeel off the white backing layer. Apply the Derm Shield to the tattoo and work out as many air bubbles and wrinkles as possible.

Find the orange arrows and peel back the layer with the printed crosses. Remove all of the printed layer, leaving only the thin layer of Recovery Derm. Using your fingers, work out any more air bubbles and wrinkles.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.