Grey goose tattoo-symbol of the sun

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Grey goose tattoo -Alertness, talkativeness, love, happiness in marriage, fidelity, symbol of the sun, especially in Egypt. The sign of freedom, enlightenment, and, thanks to seasonal flights, a symbol of autumn and spring. Solar symbolism and beneficial wild goose in much the same with the symbolism of a swan, and they are essentially interchangeable, especially in the Celtic tradition.

1 Grey goose tattoo symbol of the sun

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In ancient Rome, the goose was also associated with the war god Mars and began a triumphant emblem of vigilance after a famous case in 390 AD. Oe. Then the cries of the sacred geese of Juno from the temple alerted the defenders on Capitol Hill to attack the Gauls. Ancient Greeks associated the goose with the hero, Apollo, Eros and the messenger god Hermes.

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In ancient Egypt, the goose was considered a messenger of the gods, as well as a bird, laid an egg from which came the sun. Gus was the emblem of Pharaoh, who in the view of the ancient Egyptians were the incarnation of the Sun. With accession to the throne of the new priests of Pharaoh released four geese as messengers of the four cardinal points. Geese, sacrificed on the day of the winter solstice symbolized the returning sun. Wild Goose was a male, sun symbol in China, but in the arts of China and Japan was more important as the value of the goose moon, autumn bird. In the representation of Asian Indian shamans and Brahmins, the goose was “mounts”, in which the souls trying to wriggle out of the continuous circle of life.

Tattoo Grey goose tattoo symbol of the sun

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The second group of symbolic meanings associated with home-goose. The earliest domestic goose goes back to the Sumerian god of the household and livestock Bau. In the folklore of the goose appears as a garrulous and motherly caring creatures, some silly (hence – “silly as a goose”). Sexual symbolism goose in ancient Greece, associated with Priapus, was also widely disseminated, and monitoring of the goose, in the excited state crane your neck and shook his head, dug in the phrase “walk a goose.”

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