The popularity of tattoos

The popularity of tattoos has grown and due to the well-known dramatic actors, who saw in it a new way to achieve the expression on the stage.

tattoo for girls 103 The popularity of tattoos

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At the end of the XVIII century. One of the most beautiful tattoos was the outstanding actor Nakamura Utaemon IV. For example, actors in the fashion tattoos gradually begun to take hold and some quarters of Japanese aristocracy.

01 The popularity of tattoos

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Period at the turn of the XVIII – XIX centuries regarded as the gold in the history of Japanese tattoos. The motives are not only painted decoration of the body, but also a matter for reflection.

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In modern Japan related to tattooing is mostly negative, for the same reasons that we have. In the minds of the layman’s belonging to the underworld – the yakuza.

 The popularity of tattoos

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The difference between civil and criminal tattoos negligible, mainly because – for the latter to the preferences of the iconography of the characters and motives of Japanese gaming.



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