Jaguar tattoos -ideas

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Jaguar tattoos designs-in Aztec mythology, means the forces of darkness that are in collision with the solar eagle. In the Mexican tradition of the jaguar – the messenger of the spirits of the forest. In the tradition of shamanism is taken shape jaguar shaman, or he represents his spirit.

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Mayans and Aztecs attributed the jaguar, the strong and clever beast capable of killing a man, magical powers.

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Not surprisingly, it ranked as divine creatures of the underworld.

 Jaguar tattoos  ideas

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Jaguar as a form of manifestation of the old god of the jaguar, which during the transformation of the universe led the assembly of the gods. For this reason, a beast of prey is often depicted with a lily flower on the ground first.

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Priests used these white flowers as well as hallucinogens in order to use them to enter into relationship with the kingdom of the dead. On the one hand, the jaguar has been associated with wars and disasters, on the other hand, he carried the dead to the underworld, so that they could complete their journey to recovery. This double meaning has many creatures of the underworld.
The image is borrowed from the Jaguar one of the manuscripts of the Maya, the head of the beast – lily. The Incas are often depicted with jaguar fruit, because it was thought that Jaguar brings food.





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Jaguar tattoo designs-symbol meaning

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Jaguar tattoo design -the main animal symbolism in Central and South America, associated with divination, royalty, magic, by the underworld, earth and moon, and fertility.

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It was widely believed that shamans turning into jaguars could manage occult powers, and there are a huge number of images of various human hybrid with a jaguar in the art of Central America, beginning with the Olmec (1500-400 years. BC. E..)

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Jaguar was terrifying incarnation of the supreme god of the Aztecs Tonacatecuhtli, whose magic mirror opened absolutely everything – from the thoughts of people coming bunker.

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Brazilian jaguar mythology made a culture hero who brought people the gift of fire and weapons. In general, to respect for the Jaguar mingled with fear.

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For some, the jaguar was heavenly hog the sun and moon, to other predatory hunter crossroads. Due to the fact that shamans were the skins of jaguars, which symbolized their power to protect their own tribe, or the destruction of others, the jaguar was a dangerous ghost, perhaps the spirit of a deceased or living from a hostile village shaman. In essence, the jaguar symbol unpredictable and capricious power.

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