Diamonds tattoos-value and design

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diamonds tattoos is very famous among girls because is very brilliant and gentle
1306102114 tatuirovka almaz Diamonds tattoos value and design

diamond and flowers tattoo design on arm

Diamonds tattoo meaning- shining sun, immutability, integrity.

diamond tattoos 22 Diamonds tattoos value and design

tattoo of diamonds with quotes on back

The combination of brilliance and hardness of diamond has given spiritual significance, especially in India where the diamond throne of the Buddha has become a way of constancy in the center of the world view of Buddhists, and the diamond scepter – Tantric symbol of divine energy.

crown010 Diamonds tattoos value and design

diamonds with crown tattoo design on chest

In the Western tradition diamonds symbolize integrity and why – the moral virtues such as honesty and loyalty – such is their importance in engagement rings.
Superstition ascribed to them the healing and protective properties due to the fact that Satan is avoided their light.

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