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Cow tattoo meaning-the ancient symbol of mother’s milk and (as a bull), the cosmic forces that made the world. In many cultures, from ancient Egypt to China, a cow was the personification of Mother Earth.

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It also symbolized the moon and the sky, which was the cause of her horns, resembling a crescent moon, and its milk, was associated with the Milky Way.

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Nut, Egyptian goddess of the sky, sometimes depicted as a cow with a star in the abdomen, legs, which stood on four quarters of the earth disk.

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Great Mother Hathor, the goddess of the sky, joy and love, the nurse of all that dwell on earth, as is often depicted as a cow.

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As a protective emblem of power (terrestrial and celestial) are often depicted with a cow disk of the sun between its horns – a reflection of the idea of ??nebesnoykorove mother, taking care of the sun during the night. Similar to the value of the symbolism of the cow as the first nurse of all life on earth is contained in the mythology of Northern Europe: Adumla, nurse primeval giants, licked the ice and freed him from the first man, or, in another version of this myth, the three gods – the creators of man. In the Vedic literature cow – as the personification of the sky and the earth. Her milk is poured into a fruitful rain. Black cow involved in the funeral rituals in India, and white cow – a symbol of enlightenment. As a Hindu, the Buddhist tradition still calm, even-tempered nature of the cow so completely coincided with the idea of ??a godly life, that it became the most revered and sacred animal. Her behavior was a pattern of happiness and serenity, for example, in ancient Greek rites of festive white calf, decorated with garlands of flowers, opened the procession, dancing and singing people.



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