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Centaur tattoo-symbol of man, seized his primal instincts, particularly by lust, violence and drunkenness.

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centaur tattoo design on shoulder

In early Greek art, the centaur depicted as a man with a horse down, and then – in the form of a horse with a human torso and head.

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Centaur was probably a mythical embodiment of actually existing violent robbers in the mountains of Thessaly.

 Centaur tattoos tattoos for men

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According to one myth, Ixion death, admitted to the feast, he began to look for a hero, the wife of Zeus. He persuaded the goddess Nephele clouds appear in the image of Hera Ixion.

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Of Ixion and Nephele connection and a monster was born – Centaur.

sagittarius tattoo for women Centaur tattoos tattoos for men

centaur with bow and arrow tattoo design on back

He was released on the earth, and his connection with ordinary mares, and there were these horrible creatures – wild, drunken rapists, often with mutilated faces, unsuccessfully opposing forces of good and order. As such, in Christian iconography, they represent a sensual passion, adultery, and heresy. On the other hand, there is a version of the morally perfect centaurs, which were derived from Cronus. Among them was Chiron, the wise teacher, healer and friend of Herakles (Hercules in Roman mythology). Hercules, having given a poisoned arrow, accidentally wounded Chiron, who sacrificed his immortality for the release of Prometheus, earning itself a place in the sky in the southern constellation Centaurus form. This story can be interpreted as a metaphor for the superiority of reason over instinct, and gives occasion to recognize that the image of the centaur has a fairly wide range of interpretations. Centaurs also appear in the Vedic myths (there they are called gandharvas), as symbols of physical strength and intelligence.


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