Boar tattoo-symbolism

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Boar tattoo-primitive symbol of power, blatant aggression, self-sacrificing courage, virtually all of northern Europe and in the Celtic tradition, where the boar was a symbol of common soldiers.

wild boar tattoo design Boar tattoo symbolism

wild boar tattoo design on arm

 Wild boar also had a sacred significance, and in other places as a symbol of the sun in Iran and as a symbol of the moon in Japan, where white boar was taboo during the hunt.

 Boar tattoo symbolism

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The ferocity of a wild boar provoked a mixture of fear, admiration and respect.

 Boar tattoo symbolism

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Its symbolism is confirmed by the discovery of zoomorphic sculptures small sacrificial pig and wild boar of a larger stone in the south of the Iberian Peninsula.

boar+tattoo+stomache Boar tattoo symbolism

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He was associated with the gods of power struggles and fertility, such as the Teutonic Woden, the Scandinavian Odin, Freyr and Freya, the Greek Ares (Mars in Roman mythology) and the Japanese war god Hachiman (the deified ruler). The Celts boar symbolized the spiritual power, and its meat eaten during rituals and cast into the tomb to the dead. Druids themselves as “wild boars”, identified with the occult knowledge of the forest. “Kabani,” the Swedish soldiers had helmets protective symbolism. Respect to the wild boar has spread to India, where Lord Vishnu, under the name of Varaha, the boar incarnation of which jumped into the water flow and raised on the land tusks seized by demons. Destructive brute force – the other side of the symbolism of the boar: it was a monstrous opponent of Heracles (Hercules in Roman mythology) and also the Egyptian god Horus of daylight to which his uncle Seth, in the guise of a black boar, tore his eyes. Wild boar became Jewish and Christian symbol of tyranny and lust.





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