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The bee was a symbol of “honey” Indra, Vishnu, Krishna, Krishna’s image is known as Bee, curling over his head Vishnu, the god of love bowstring of Kama was a thread strung with bees on it. In the catacombs of early Christian art from the bee symbolized the risen Christ’s death, immortality. However, the bee was the royal power and the image (eg Egypt), particularly the vital force – Mana royal wisdom, the accumulated just as the bees collect nectar.

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Unusually rich in meaning of symbols, especially as an example of ethical purity and morality developed in the works of writers and preachers.

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Among the qualities attributed to the bee – hard work, organizational and technical ability, sociability, in every sense of cleanliness, modesty, spirituality, wisdom, courage, temperance, humility, creativity, dedication, eloquence (“honey-speech”) and education (the latter association Born in analogy with wax candles, in which in former times by scientific).

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Bee symbolized royal power or the monarchical system in the ancient Middle East, ancient Greece and ancient Egypt, where according to tradition, the bee was born from the tears of the god Ra. Bees were attributes or companions of many gods, including the great ancient goddess Cybele, Artemis (Diana), the Greek goddess of fertility, Demeter, whose priestesses were called “bees.” Essene priests were also called “bees.”

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Christians continued this tradition to describe the monastic community, the Church herself calling with Hive. Honey and the sting of the symbols of grace and of the sufferings of Christ.

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In Greek, the Aryan, Middle Eastern and Islamic traditions of the bee was an allegory of the soul.

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As a symbol of reincarnation bee is an attribute of the Hindu religion. Blue bee on the forehead – a sign of Krishna, on a lotus – Vishnu over the triangle – Shiva. Bee – a symbol of resurrection, if shown on the gravestone, probably because of its hibernation misinterpreted as a temporary death.
The Chinese are associated with the volatility of the bee, “discriminating” brides.

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